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Feb. 10th, 2010

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Venting - JKR

Be careful, its Venting  time... I've had had time to think of some things.. like Bad boy syndrome, and the dying of the HP Fandom....

While watching NCIS tonight, and my track record of crushing on MEN, I feel fiercely mad at JKR. Why?? Because when girls/Women started to fall in love with Severus, 1st of all she said.. Why would you want to love him? he is plainly horrible. it must be a bad boy syndrome. Well, IF I suffer under the "BAD BOY SYNDROME" then PLEASE JKR tell me why Snape turned out to be a hero, (I know you wrote it) BUT also my personal fanciying Guys (pretty much all my life long) who tend to OBVIOUSLY play/are the hero, at times not so obvious.

In my book, yes, JKR was shocked because SHE didn't like Snape, didn't like him from the get go that's why she soooo enjoyed making his life utter misery.
Also, since the books are done, the movies are about wrapped up, the kids are pretty much branching out and the adults, well they were hardly ever truly covered, were they?????
The interviews, or Promo shots of the adults were a bare minimum.
Every time we saw promo shots of Lucius or Severus or any other adult, we were like Vultures, devouring the few little morsels that was granted to us. Most of the fans gotten so frustrated with the non compliance of the franchise that we started to make our own.

Why?? Yes, it was Harry Potter and not McGonagall, or Snape (one book/movie was!) but it was about the kids, the kids the kids and nothing but the kids.
Who cared if adults like the movies too, and actually fancied the adult cast.

That's not what she was aiming at, selling, promoting. If anyone was focusing on any of the adult other then Voldemort/Tom Riddle, she or WB made sure that there was an abundance of coverage of the kids. So, after over 10 yrs, the fandom is fading. Yes, it is. Groups are hardly active anymore, true there are still fans out there, but how can you keep a flame burning when you starve it?!??!!

So, fans will find other fandoms, such as Twillight, or NCIS, or any other stuff out there, because there the need, the demand IS being MET thoroughly!!!!

I want to thank you, JKR for being such a great writer, though the last book was pure trash. I do love Severus Snape, I love him with all my heart and I always WILL!! No one can take him away from me, but even I've to say that I found someone who is pretty much just like him, and my passion, obsession, need is being met there.

At least you can rest now on your richness and not worry about the 'fans' especially those whom you've left high and dry.

Feb. 3rd, 2010

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Some pics...  Weather... Cats

Jan. 24th, 2010

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Severus-The Eye of Horus

The Egyptian symbols caught my attention on Friday, especially the eye of Horus.
Then an idea got impressed upon me, to make collages of Severus with said symbol, so on Saturday I got to work.

On Friday, I got this idea burning in my head and I had to do what I could to make these...

Jan. 22nd, 2010

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How your warm rays
Kiss my face, my skin
Close my eyes
And soak your warmth in
I bathe, shower
In your life giving
Warming light
Wonderful sunshine
How I've missed you
Your golden rays
The memory of you
Carried me through
The cold grey days
Days without hope
The only left I kept
Kept it hidden in my heart
Hope to see you
Shine again,
Hope to feel your
Warmth again

Jan. 19th, 2010

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More Writing

As I was hanging some clothes away, I was yet again wondering about things and had same old questions when this came to mind...

Human Nature

I've wondered and questioned
Even begged for answers
Of why some of the pain
The hurt, the seemingly
Nonsense of pain
And confusion

When a soft voice told me
"Its human nature"

So when some wounds
Take time to heal
Or pasts ghosts
rear their heads,
Its all human nature
So, in peace
I can move on

Later on when I started on the pictures, this came pouring in

Don't prick me to deep
With the lovely thorns
Everything over done
Ruins the joys and fun
A rose isn't complete
Without its thorns
Just don't drive them in
To deep,
Or you kill the love
You wish to keep

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Severus- Colors and Roses

Been playing around with different background colors and my rose pics, well and Severus pics course too :D I think this yr will definitly be different for me. I've been lots more emotional, I cry very easy and I can't control it anymore as I used to. Been told too that my loved ones don't want me as a iron Lady.. LOL Also been gravitating more towards lighter colors, cuter things, little girls stuff. Oh well, I know if I deny such, it'll get worse so... I am embracing it happily.

And this just poured in:

Tired of the
Unshed tears
Tired of holding
Everything in
Tired of the
Constant fight
For control
I am letting loose
Letting it all out
Letting it roll

Jan. 12th, 2010

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Severus- Among Roses and Flowers

So, this idea came pouring in over the last 2 days, and wouldn't leave me be. Generally I wouldn't have made pics as these, but... being haunted as I was, and I doubt these will be the only ones...

The softer side of Severus may be coming out this yr, after all I doubt that he had such an aversion to flowers and such, just we saw him through HP's eyes.

Jan. 11th, 2010

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Severus- Butterflies & Roses

Had this image poured in, so I made it, there is another one that is floating in my mind that I'll make tomorrow :D

Jan. 6th, 2010

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More of Severus and Gibbs

It seems I am on a roll :D some more pics that were popping up in my mind...  :D

They do make Black look .. Breath taking!! 

Watching and Waiting :D

Jan. 5th, 2010

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More Severus and Gibbs

Here I was looking through some pics of Mark Harmon, and images popped into my mind of which pic I can pair with Severus. So I went to work and here are some . . .  :-)

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